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Since the beginning of this year, along the California coastline, hundreds of malnourished, starving wild sea lion pups have been washing up on our beaches. There are now so many young sea lions stranding that rescue networks are overwhelmed.

Since January 1, rescuers in California have taken in more than 2,100 sick sea lions, most of which are pups. That’s four times the number they usually see during the first four months of the year.

During the sea lion stranding crisis of 2013, the federal government declared an Unusual Mortality Event, which continues to this day. Already, the number of stranded pups this year is five times worse than the 2013 event.



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NMMF logo decal, lanyard, and pen. $100 Signed copy of Dr. Sam Ridgway’s book, Dolphin Doctor. NMMF reusable tote, decal, lanyard, and pen. $500 Invitation for two to NMMF’s annual event. Signed copy of Dr. Sam Ridgway’s book, Dolphin Doctor. NMMF logo baseball cap, reusable tote, decal, lanyard, and pen. $1,000+


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In honor of our dear friend and colleague, Coll Perske, we have established the Coll Perske Memorial Fund for Marine Mammals. To learn more about Coll and contribute to this fund, please click here.





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