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The Foundation’s team of expert trainers fosters trust between marine mammals and humans. Our team enables trained marine mammals to swim freely in open ocean water and to participate in full and voluntary health exams.

The Foundation and our trainers currently support the Navy’s protection of our nation using the exceptional and unique abilities of their marine mammals, including humanitarian efforts to demine the ocean of World War II debris. We are currently exploring opportunities to assist in additional humanitarian rescue and recovery efforts.

Voluntary Health Exams

Just like humans, routine check ups are the best way for marine mammals in managed collections to stay healthy. The Foundation training team has expertise in building trust with marine mammals, enabling veterinarians to do in-water physical exams. Foundation trainers also teach marine mammals to provide voluntary blood and urine samples, which can be important for assessing animal health.

Achieving the Navy’s Mission

The U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program helps to protect our nation. Foundation trainers work with the Navy’s bottlenose dolphins and sea lions to find lost underwater objects, to identify and mark enemy swimmers, and to identify mines, including those that are buried. In order for these missions to be successful, Navy marine mammals swim in open ocean water routinely. This amazing relationship between humans and marine mammals, fostered and implemented by Foundation trainers, demonstrates how well these groups can work together.

Comfortable Transports

The Navy’s marine mammals deploy all over the world. In order for these animals to travel by boat, plane, or helicopter, they need to be comfortable in many different environments. Foundation trainers help the Navy’s marine mammals stay comfortable by training animals in diverse environments. In addition to helping the Navy’s dolphins and sea lions deploy globally safely, Foundation transport training also allows medical teams to move dolphins and sea lions to CT scanning and other facilities for in-depth health assessments.